Learn Move

Having deployed a contract on the Move VM and witnessed its simplicity, we recommend exploring the following resources to deepen your understanding of Move:

  • Aptos Move Book: An essential resource for learning about Aptos Move. It covers everything from basic concepts to advanced topics.

  • Move Book: A good starting point, although slightly outdated. It still provides a comprehensive overview of the syntax, design principles, and more.

  • Awesome Move: A compilation of links to various projects, examples, and tutorials. It serves as an excellent entry point for exploring the Move ecosystem.

  • Pontem Official Documentation: Highly useful, offering examples and links to additional resources, aiding in both learning and application.

  • IntelliJ Tutorial: Ideal for those who prefer using PyCharm with the IntelliJ plugin. It demonstrates the plugin's utility and time-saving features.

  • Pontem Playground: Allows you to write contracts directly in your browser. Though it's based on the Aptos default framework, it's perfect for beginners.

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