How to connect

To be able to use the faucet and native bridge on Solana, you need to get whitelisted.

A Devnet is available equipped with Solana VM, Move VM, and EVM on board.

Solana VM

RPC endpoint + faucet:

The RPC is fully compatible with Solana API v2.0.2.

Use with Solana CLI:

solana config set --url

Create a new key if needed:

solana-keygen new -o ./keypair.json

Request faucet:

solana airdrop 1

If you see an error like this, it means your account needs to be whitelisted first: Error: airdrop request failed. This can happen when the rate limit is reached.

Move VM

The Move VM will be available once the native bridge starts working with it, expected in June-July.


The Ethereum VM support is coming soon.

Universal RPC

Cross-chain calls will enable a universal RPC, allowing the use of Metamask or Phantom to execute a Move VM transaction. This universal RPC will operate by utilizing cross-VM call functionality, where call data needs to be serialized into a byte format recognized by the specific VM targeted for the call. Using the cross-VM calls module on the initial chain, the call is then executed on another chain.

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