You can also interact with the L2 using CLI tools for both Move VM and EVM.

  • For the Move VM, the Aptos CLI is supported.

  • For the EVM, any compatible CLI tool can be used.

Move VM

Download & install the Aptos CLI. Ensure to adhere to the instructions for a proper installation of the CLI.

During the init command, configure the following RPC and faucet URLs:

  • RPC:

  • Faucet:

Additionally, these URLs can be used as parameters in the CLI with the --url or --faucet-url options.


Any EVM-compatible CLI or tool can be utilized for this purpose. Commonly, we use the cast CLI from Foundry.

To use cast, simply include the RPC URL as a parameter --rpc-url. For example:

cast <command> ... --rpc-url

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